Help us

There are many ways to help donate blood and help patients who need blood transfusions. Of course, you can donate blood if you can. Alternatively, you can encourage others to donate by sharing information or explaining how helpful the gesture is. If you want to help us in another way, do not hesitate to contact us, we will talk about it with pleasure! Every contribution, no matter how small, can help save lives and improve the health of those in need.

Become a donor

By becoming a blood donor, you have the power to save lives and make a significant difference. Your generosity can bring hope and healing to those who need it most. Whether you are a regular donor or considering donating for the first time, every donation counts: through this altruistic gesture, you are helping hospitals across the country to treat the sick and injured. Take part in this act of solidarity by joining the community of blood donors and sharing the precious gift of life. Become a donor today.

Become a volunteer

By becoming a supporting volunteer, you can provide valuable support to this vital cause. You can help by supervising the break after the donation, or you can join one of the blood donor associations that exist in different cities of the country and participate in raising awareness about blood donation. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Talk about blood donation to your loved ones: explain its crucial role in caring for the sick and injured, Encourage them to support this noble cause.


Become partners in raising awareness about giving blood

As an organisation, you can promote blood donation within your company and help recruit new donors among your staff.

Companies, associations, schools… : become partners in raising blood donation awareness!

You can concretely support the Luxembourg Red Cross in raising awareness about blood donation and recruiting new blood donors by:

  • promoting blood donation in your business, association, high school and university through stands, conferences, etc. ;
  • allowing the staff of your company to go alone or in groups to the Blood Transfusion Center or to an external collection;
  • organizing collections at your premises (contact us to see the possible conditions).

Would you like to organize a collection in your company? Here is some information as well as the criteria to be fulfilled.

Remember: each day of collection is important and can have a significant impact on our stock. A collection with few donations can be critical if our stock is low, and the consequences for patients can be dramatic if we do not have enough products to provide to hospitals. This is why the first condition is linked to the minimum number of people in the creation of a collection at the workplace. This is also the reason why we favor long-term partnerships (at least one collection per year, if possible two or three).

The other criteria emanate mainly from our obligations imposed by the Ministry of Health and allow us to guarantee the safety of the donor and the recipient.


  • Number of employees: at least 80 people wishing to donate blood.
  • Confidentiality: the Blood Transfusion Center (CTS) sends invitations to donors and manages appointments.
  • It is important to know that different questions, both medical and personal, are asked during the pre-donation interview to ensure the safety of both donor and recipient. To get an overview, we invite you to consult the pre-donation questionnaire available on our site.
  • At no time will any personal or medical data on an employee be shared with the company; medical confidentiality is strictly applied.
  • Accessibility: the collection point must be easily accessible, close to an unloading area for our van.
  • Hygiene: the premises must be cleaned before and after collection. The cleaning plan (products used and frequency) must be sent to the Transfusion Center before the organization of the collection.
  • Floors must be washed and disinfected. Carpet (on the floor and / or on the wall) is therefore prohibited, as for raw wood.
  • Layout of the premises: 3 areas must be available, close to each other and with close access to the sanitary facilities.

Pre-donation interview area

  • In order to guarantee medical confidentiality and respect for the donor’s privacy, the pre-donation interview should take place in a separate area and with sufficient sound insulation to ensure confidentiality.
  • This area should be equipped with a desk, two chairs and a power outlet.

Sampling area

  • There should be sufficient space to accommodate two stretchers and a table (the latter being provided by the company if possible, with a stool on casters).
  • Lighting should be sufficient for venepuncture. The room must be sufficiently warm in winter and sufficiently temperate in summer. Two sockets must also be present for our PLCs.

Rest area

  • After the donation, the person should have at least 15 minutes to eat and rest. This time allows the medical staff to make sure that the donor is responding well to the blood donation and is not causing discomfort.
  • Note the donor is not allowed to resume significant physical activity in the half-day following the donation. The same goes for working at height.
  • This area must therefore be equipped with tables and chairs or armchairs. Ideally, it has a water point and a fridge.
  • The collation can be paid for either by the CTS or by the firm hosting the collection.

The CTS team is available to answer your questions and assist you in organizing a blood drive. Educational documents can be provided (posters, flyers, explanatory leaflets on the donation). Finally, a presentation on blood donation can also be organised on your premises.


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