Don du sang

Donors who have already given blood, can do it again at the Blood Transfusion Centre but also during an external collection. The addresses, calendar and timetables are available online.

Be careful to respect the interval between two donations: three months for a man, four months for a women.

For more information on the collection location, please contact our team in charge of donor relations at 2755-4010 or by email.

Please download the questionnaire below:

Donor questionnaire

The Blood Transfusion Centre sends existing donors an invitation to donate on a regular basis with a proposed date. This invitation is sent by post or e-mail and includes a medical questionnaire in the language chosen by the donor.

It is of course possible to come on a day other than that indicated on the invitation.  It is also possible to come spontaneously provided you comply with the periods between two donations (3 months for men, 4 months for women).

Donors who respond to an invitation must come with their blood donor card and an identity document (identity card or passport). For the sake of ease and speed, they are also advised to bring the invitation and the questionnaire completed less than 24 hours before the donation. Blank copies of the questionnaire are of course available on location.

Whole blood donors are welcomed at the reception desk of the Blood Transfusion centre or at the external collection site.

Plasma or platelet donors are welcomed by appointment only (made by telephone at 2755-4010) at the reception desk of the Blood Transfusion Centre.

All donors will have a confidential interview in a cubicle with a nurse to go over the completed questionnaire, followed, where necessary, by an interview with a doctor. In external collection, the interview is conducted by a doctor.

You should never fast for a donation. Eat normally and keep well hydrated. Snacks and drinks are at your disposal at the blood collection site.  On the day of the collection, avoid sport (before and after) and the sauna. Get some rest before setting off again.

If you have a health problem (fever, joint pain, diarrhoea, cold or other) during the week following the donation, or if you become aware of contacting a contagious disease, please inform us at once.

To report it, contact the teams at the Blood Transfusion centre at 2755-4010 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm). Outside these hours, on weekends or in case of emergency, you can call 2755-4074.

The safety of patients who will receive the components of the donation may be at issue.

Collection locations

Blood Transfusion Centre

The Blood Transfusion Centre is located at 42 Boulevard Joseph II, Luxembourg.

It is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. It is closed on weekends and public holidays.

External blood collections

There are several collection points in Luxembourg. The addresses are available in the external collection calendar.

For information on a blood collection, please contact the Donor Management Service at 2755-4010 or by e-mail. Existing donors who wish to change their reference external collection location can contact the same service.

Collection in companies: find out more.


Whole blood donation amounts to 475 ml that takes 5 to 10 minutes to collect.

Plasma or platelet collection amounts to 500 to 750 ml that takes 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the procedure).

Donations are followed by a moment of relaxation in the cafeteria with a snack and a drink (recommended duration: 30 minutes).

All equipment used is for single use only and the staff adhere strictly to the rules of hygiene, especially for the puncture.

Risks related to the donation

The risks related to donations are few in number, low in incidence and most often not serious. They include slight haematomas at the puncture site, possible reactions to the anticoagulant during apheresis, immediate ailments of vagal origin and/or delayed ailments due to orthostatic hypotension or exceptional (less than 0.01%) median nerve damage.

Types of donation and their frequency

Whole blood Plasma + Platelets
Frequency Once every 3 months for men
Once every 4 months for women
Once a month
Procedures By invitation depending on the stock requirements and by blood group By appointment
Locations Depending on the collection locations Only at the Blood Transfusion Centre